MAPS Financial presents a new asset pricing solution for Brazil

MAPS Pricing for EIKON is a solution that addresses the pricing of fixed income financial instruments, as well as the customization of synthetic bonds and indexation calculation to support pricing.

The global financial market already has access to a new pricing tool for fixed income financial instruments, MAPS Pricing for EIKON. Developed in an unprecedented partnership between MAPS Financial and Refinitiv – one of the largest financial and infrastructure data providers in the world – the solution supplies accurate and up-to-date information on these financial instruments. The version being presented is specific to Brazilian market securities.

Distributed within EIKON, the Refinitiv financial analysis platform, MAPS Pricing for EIKON offers three functionalities that enable broad user flexibility. In addition to pricing of fixed income financial instruments for national public bonds and debentures, the synthetic bond customization function is a differential – especially for privately issued assets such as CDBs (certificates of deposit), LFs (notes) and other private securities – combined with Brazilian indexes calculator, which also provides pricing information.

MAPS Pricing for EIKON directly assists treasury, wealth management and family office professionals in their decision-making processes. The solution considers the debt structure, provides its present value and contemplates risk factors and cost of capital when pricing. This ensures accurate and targeted asset treatment.

For MAPS Financial president and CEO Klaus Gama, “this edition of MAPS Pricing for Eikon is a powerful front-to-back tool that delivers qualified information in a quick and simple fashion.” The solution, developed in this partnership between MAPS and Refinitiv, “gives conditions to overcome the barriers concerning the peculiarities of this market and to facilitate the access of global companies that invest or intend to invest in Brazil,” he comments. Klaus Gama also said that a version of global MAPS Pricing will soon be offered.





MAPS Financial, a leader in financial markets solutions, has partnered in the development and distribution of the MAPS Pricing for Eikon product on the Eikon platform with Refinitiv, one of the world’s largest financial and infrastructure market data providers, with more than 40,000 customers in more than 190 countries.

aBOUT MAPS Financial

For more than 27 years, MAPS has been investing in innovation, knowledge and excellence in the software and services segment for the rigorous and technically advanced financial market, and in its critical applications, as well as dedicated consulting and technology specializing in complete solutions. Acting as a world-class provider and chosen by institutions operating in more than 55 countries, the company founded MAPS Financial, its international branch focused on expanding its presence and fully serving the global market. MAPS solutions are developed in accordance with financial markets best practices and regulations, fully adhering to the Basel Accord guidelines, providing greater operational efficiency and performance for customers to generate more value by broadening the financial intelligence applied to their business.


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