Welcome to Financial Solutions new era

For over 25 years, we have been investing in innovation, knowledge and service excellence to provide specialized technology on full-solutions for banking, asset management, insurance companies, financial services and risk management.

Beyond Financial Services

MAPS Financial practices delivering valuable solutions to its customers through innovation, technical capability and knowledge. Innovation to find alternatives with focus on bringing benefits to our customers’ clients, technical capacity to deliver solutions that meet their operational needs and knowledge to give them the security of having MAPS Financial as a business partner able to attend to it continuously.

Our Solutions

Development of flexible and adaptable proprietary solutions with a modular approach tailored to clients’ needs.


Consulting Services, Diagnosis and Solutions for Financial Institutions

  • Diagnosis
  • Services
  • Systems Architecture Analysis (Software and Hardware)
  • Business Architecture Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance Analysis (BACEN and CVM)
  • Diagnosis and Solutions to Specific Business Cases (Financial Industry)
  • Assets and Liabilities Management (ALM MAPS)
  • Corporate Development Training (in company)

Risk Management and Regulatory Requirements for Financial Institutions

  • Diagnosis
  • Services
  • Instruments Modeling Tools
  • Accrual Accounting
  • Market to Market
  • Models Catalogue
  • Yield Curve Builder
  • Calculation Log Report
  • Market Data Capture

Full and Integrated Solutions for Middle Offices of Financial Institutions

  • Diagnosis
  • Services
  • Market and Liquidity Risk Management
  • Bank Supervisory
  • Authority Requirements (BIS compliant)
  • CVM Regulatory Requirements (for funds)
  • Profit and Loss
  • Customized Reports
  • API´s
  • Asset and Liability Management

Test Automation for Assurance of Continuity and Homologation Process

  • Diagnosis
  • Services
  • Definition of Development and Homologation Processes
  • Continuous Integration
  • Testing Evidences
  • Spreadsheets Specifications
  • Tests on Screen

Solutions for Back Offices Treasury of Financial Institutions

  • Diagnosis
  • Services
  • Deal-capture Capabilities
  • Back Office
  • Bonds Issue Control
  • Control of Clients Positions
  • Intraday Liquidity Control
  • Conciliation Capabilities
  • Fixed Income - Retail
  • Payment Messaging System
  • Clients Records (CCSFN)

Investiment Funds and Portfolios Custody and Control

  • Diagnosis
  • Services
  • Assets Positions Control
  • Clients Positions Control
  • Funds Accounting
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Remote Data Entry
  • Settlement and Custody
  • Reconciliation
  • Compliance On and Offline
  • Current Account
  • Market Data Capture
  • Book of Records

Technology + science + innovation

The next step to financial management solutions


Maps Financial provides solutions to national and international companies to achieve better performance and results thus optimizing their processes with efficient decisions.

30 years

dedicated in developing Financial Market solutions

125 Institutions

attended both in financial and corporate areas

US$ 340 bi

total amount managed within our solutions


Our solutions are developed in accordance to a highly regulated environment: the Global Financial Market.

For more than 30 years working as a solutions provider to the rigorous and technological advanced banking industry, MAPS has been developing an outstanding group of global customers, by implementing products and solutions that support their businesses' critical applications. All those solutions were created and developed by a highly qualified team of experts, with advanced professional experience in the banking and financial industry.

Chasing continuous distinction in its solutions with a view to customers' needs, has driven MAPS to an international expansion, for which Manhattan, the global financial center, was chosen to receive the company's international headquarters: MAPS Financial, becoming the main portal to bring new ways in financial and banking practical academic knowledge, development of new commercial relations and a worldwide business presence​.​