MAPS is made up of a team of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the banking and financial sectors – PhDs, MBAs and holders of the most diverse degrees (MA, MSc, Meng, etc.) from leading universities in the United States and Europe, such as University of Chicago, Columbia University, NYU, Wisconsin, Oxford, and Imperial College.
Klaus Gama
CEO and President

Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics from Universidade Mackenzie, Master in Business Administration for Graduates from CEAG – FGV, postgraduate in Marketing and Finance from Columbia University – NY, and attended several specialization courses in Management and Master in Architecture from USP-GBC.

With more than 40 years of professional experience in the Banking and Financial, as well as in the Technology products industry, specifically in the production and commercialization of software for communication and various applications, active in projects of extreme importance for the development and dissemination of technology in Brazil.

Vast experience in Product Development and Management, Commercialization, Applied Marketing to Brands and Business Management and Market Relations, culminating his career as President and Consultant of giant global tech and services corporations.

A career built on a solid foundation from companies such as: Ford Motors Co. Marketing Department, Itausa Group – BancoItaucred (Superintendent), – Credit and Retail Products Citibank NA (VP) – Retail Products, Citibank/Interchange (VP and Founder), – Structured Data Communication Services – EDI, Sterling Software and Sterling Commerce (Country Manager/VP NA) – Software and Communication, Gtech Corp (President/Global VP) – National Lottery Automation – CEF, among other very large companies such as IBM and Oracle, acting as a consultant and business partner.

In 2017, joined the Board of Directors of Maps and founded MAPS Financial in New York, and today is the Managing Director Superintendent of MAPS and President and CEO of MAPS Financial.

Antonio Otte
Executive Secretary

Electrical Engineer and postgraduate degree in financial mathematics from the Control Department of the Escola Politécnica da USP. Postgraduate in business administration from FGV-EAESP and in finance from IBMEC-SP. Acted as Portfolio Manager of the administrative portfolios at Banco AGF Braseg. Founding partner of MAPS.